Meet the Owner

My name is Cindi Simone. I was born in the beautiful country of Guyana S.A 🇬🇾 and I am the 5th child of 11 children to my parents.  I moved to the U.S. at the tender age of 15 years old. Growing up in the States in high school I would say is where I developed a somewhat sense of fashion.  It was first a culture shock for more than one reason: I get to wear whatever I wanted to. I was not used to this.  I went from being very shy and embarrassed in 9th grade to possible “best dressed” candidate in the 12 grade.


As I matured a more keen sense of personal style developed in me – where I realized it was not about fashion but more so Personal Style – what matters to you and your body as opposed to what is trending.  My Love for comfort became a huge factor in every piece of clothing I wear. Comfort became first then everything else follows.  I always had a love for initials and monogram and embroidery and also scarfs and wraps.  I craved a huge grey jersey scarf which I couldn’t find anywhere so I went to the fabric store and purchased the fabric when I came in I wrapped it like I wanted and at that moment I wished it had a monogrammed embroidered “C” on it and with that thought was literally the incubation of of InitiallyCnyc. As a girl back home in Guyana, my mom sent my sister and I to embroidery lessons and it was with that knowledge I made my very first InitiallyC LoveWrap ,which is 100% improved today!


InitiallyCnyc was launched on November 11, 2018. InitiallyCnyc represents a line of Initial goods.  The initial LoveWraps come in several sizes. The Adult & BabyLOVE sizes boast a dimension of  72″x60″ while Child & Men sizes are a smaller cut of 36″x60″. They feature two different fabric thicknesses: Our Basic is a thicker jersey cotton fabric while the SummerLine is a thinner fabric for the warmer climates. Each boasts a single embroidered initial on the lower right corner enhanced with a signature Heart❤️. 



InitiallyCnyc LoveWraps are large, soft, comfortable, durable & personally yours! InitiallyCnyc LoveWrap are not just a regular wraps, customers personally choose each detail: from the base color of the wrap, initial, initial color and the Color of LOVE, the heart.  Initial LoveWraps are keepsakes due to personalization of choice they are a great idea for gifts great to pass on to next generation! They are perfect for anything from wrapping babies, for use as a blanket or throw. They can come in handy from airport travel to even the beach, suitable for men, women, children, seniors even animals!